Secure hub for your student health records

Wellnest is a secure, HIPAA compliant platform tailored for school nurses. Facilitating easy management of student health records, tracking immunizations, and communicating with parents.

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Everything you need

All-in-one platform

Make your school health records digital and secure.

Immunization tracking
Track and manage students' immunization records efficiently, ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations.
Student profile
Capture and maintain basic student demographic information, health history, emergency contact details, and other relevant information.
Create and maintain detailed health charts for individual students, allowing easy visualization of health trends and history.
Medication and treatment management
From simple authorization to keeping track of medication administration, Wellnest makes it easy to manage your students' medications and treatments.
Allergy Management
Manage information related to student allergies, including the specific allergens, reactions, and any necessary emergency response plans.
Student Encounters
Record students’ encounters with standardized and custom templates designed for every type of health need. Ensure consistent documentation for gaining insights and identifying health trends.

And other key features

Ease of Use
User-friendly and intuitive interface
Tasks Management
Track health-related appointments and tasks
Team Management
Workforce permissions and access rights
Mobile Accessibility
Manage student health in any setting
Seamless Integrations
Share data between systems and providers
Electronic Signatures
No need for signature pads
Reporting and Analytics
Generate reports on key health metrics
Mental & Behavioral Health Management
Track mental and behavioral health of students
Embedded AI to maximize time & resources
AI-powered health assistant to automate tasks
Audit trails
Track changes to student health records
Unlimited EHR Storage
Store unlimited student health records
And many more...

Impact your students health postively with Wellnest

Don't let your students' health records be a burden. Wellnest is your copilot to manage your students' health and wellness.